Kelsey Ryan: Word nerd. Writer. Photographer. Linguist. Content Strategist. Lady with the Lion Hair.

But above all, storyteller.


Hi, there; I’m Kelsey! My story begins a few decades ago, in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and winds around the US, and throughout the world.

Storytelling captivates me. There’s nothing more entrancing than a good story—and people who tell stories are engaging in the oldest (and to me, the most magical) of arts.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with language. Throughout my teenage years, I maintained a fierce obsession with words of all kinds. What words do we love? Why do we use one word over another? How do we use words to persuade, to teach, to create? How do people become masters of words?

But before long, I realized that my love of words wasn’t sufficient—words aren’t the meaning, they are the tool we use to convey meaning, to tell our own stories.

Stories unite us, and stories have given my life purpose and significance. And in the 21st century, we’ve got more ways than ever to tell our stories—so I’ve made a life of exploring and testing all available methods for storytelling.

I’ve studied stories throughout my career in every format, from traditional writing to YouTube vlogging to multimedia blogging and podcasts, onstage performance, music, interviews, international language and linguistic study and travel, photography, and advertising. I’ve received a dual Bachelors’ in English and Linguistics from Haverford College, served as an editor, writer, and photographer for fledgling magazines, blogs, and publications, and honed my storytelling chops as a freelance content strategist for national brands.

I work to help others tell stories better. And in turn, that helps me tell my own story.

How can I help you? Connect with me via Twitter, or through my Contact pageLet’s tell stories together!

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