In 2014, I also began blogging for myself. Come join the conversation here!

The Haverblog, 2013-2014

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.17.49 PM

Write content and prepare media for the Haverblog, the Haverford College Communications blog (designed for prospective students and parents).

‘The Year After’ Sophomore Blog, 2013-2014

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.20.08 PM

Blogger and forum-poster for “The Year After” Sophomore Blog for current Haverford students (as part of a team of staffers, deans, and students). Topics of posting include: deciding to study abroad, double majors, and civic engagement.

Kelseyisabroad, 2012-2013, 2014

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 8.21.31 PM

Blogged daily with text, video, photos, and audio, designed layout and produced content, edited HTML, utilized Google Analytics viewer statistics, and photographed for personal travel blog, during multiple trips abroad (Fulbright Summer Fellowship and study abroad in Leuven, Belgium). All photography and video on website, unless otherwise stated, is my own.

I poured my heart and soul into this personal project. Storytelling is how we create community and illustrate our own creations of meaning in certain events, and it was my joy every day to publish content and share with my audience (which spanned three continents and over ten countries, even though I had originally intended for it to be read by just my father, sisters, and grandmother). Through the blog, you can track my linguistic and literary successes, view my growing understanding of cultural nuance, and see just how much I was able to grow through my abroad opportunities.

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