Branding & Content Marketing

In my full-time work and in my side-of-desk projects, I’ve been an integral part of content marketing teams, helping brands get seen by their target customers.

Here’s an overview of some of my favorite projects through the years:

The Motley Fool, 2019-present

Retirement dropdown menu

Retirement content restructure, 2020

WHAT I DID: SEO optimization, keyword research, SEO editing, content marketing

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Improving bounce rate, ranking on SERPs for target keywords

Antietam Creek Vineyards, 2015-present

Antietam Creek Vineyards Facebook page

Antietam Creek Vineyards Facebook page

WHAT I DID: Full brand creation (logo design, content creation, site architecture, SEO optimization, social media)

KEY TOOLS: WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Trends

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Grew Facebook audience from 0 to 2,600; established domain authority for target keywords; link building

Haverford College, 2013-2014

Haverford College Study Abroad site design

Screenshot of site architecture redesign

WHAT I DID: Site architecture audit and redesign, SEO keyword research, SEO-focused copyediting

KEY TOOLS: WordPress, Google Trends

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Created SEO-rich departmental page design for 3 major sections of the college’s website; reduced bounce rate