Autumn, You’re All Right: A DC Fall Weekend

Living in DC means it takes almost too long for it to get cold, once summer is over.

Okay, so before you get angry, hear me out—as a season-loving fool, I get really dialed up towards the end of each season, because the NEXT ONE IS ALMOST HERE. Yes, I’m one of those people who thinks that a September hike will maybe, just maaaaaybe have a few colored leaves, because hey, I’m already excited about Autumn, so why isn’t Nature?

Nevertheless, it’s finally October, and our days are FINALLY cooling off. I dusted off my slippers and my puffy vest the other day, and yes, it was glorious. (Reunited, and it feels so good!)

Last weekend, I was host to my sister and her boyfriend, as they came into town for a few days. I prepared the most DC-Fall weekend imaginable, with mulled cider, roast chicken, pumpkin patch visits (Taylor Swift cornmaze, anyone?), and Founding Farmers brunches with hot tea.

Although the weather wasn’t always beautiful, it was so great catching up with family, and exploring parts of town I don’t enjoy nearly enough. (Don’t let the blog fool you!) On Sunday once the rain stopped (FINALLY), before my sister left, she asked us to take a Metro ride down to the monuments. So of course, off we went!

No trip to the Mall would be complete without selfies with the Washington Memorial:IMG_2731 IMG_2732

This was my sister’s boyfriend’s first time in DC, so we made sure to document the event properly.IMG_2747

After the grey skies and blustery wind on the Mall proved they weren’t letting up, we decided that an hour out-of-doors was quite enough for the day, and came back to the house to start on some more classic fall activities.

Including, of course, pumpkin carving. We spread cardboard boxes all over the basement floors and dug out some knives and got straight to work.

For those of you wondering, yes, we turned on a very terrible Christmas movie (that’s another story entirely) as we carved. And so, we let Daniel Baldwin (yes, the fourth Baldwin, ladies and gents) take part in the pumpkin carving action.

My sister is a very talented pumpkin artist, and had hers fixed up in no time.IMG_2753

Look at his gleeful grin!

I managed to carve a very lopsided Jack-O-Lantern friend pretty quickly. But as I turned him around, the rest of the group just started to laugh at his droopy mouth and foolish teeth.

So I carved him angry eyebrows in response. (And let’s be honest; that didn’t change his face much.)IMG_2754

Snuggly little dog just wanted to be in the action, and occasionally tried sniffing pumpkin debris we scattered all over the room. Clearly, though, he wasn’t too wild about pumpkins, as he soon after settled down on the couch in prime viewing spot.IMG_2759

Pumpkins finished, it was time to roast the seeds (for which I have found the BEST recipe—it includes boiling the seeds first in salt water, to give them a better, fuller taste!).

Winding down the night, I demanded everyone stop for just ONE SECOND SO WE COULD LIGHT THE CANDLES IN THE JACK-O-LANTERNS. And we did.

And it.




Not so silly all lit up, is he?!


One last one before we go….IMG_2771

Happy October, and Happiest of Halloweens, y’all!

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