Care to Take a Walk in the Woods?

Over the long weekend, three of my best friends gathered with me for a special reunion trip. We hadn’t seen each other in months—which technically doesn’t seem like too much time, but feels so long, when you work 9-5—and we wanted to take a bit to reconnect, to commemmorate our friendship, and to test our creative limits.

So naturally, we took a walk in the woods.

And I brought along my camera.

IMG_0848IMG_0841 IMG_0845IMG_0861 IMG_0892 IMG_0884 IMG_0880 IMG_0866IMG_0902 IMG_0903IMG_0934 IMG_0936IMG_0988 IMG_1018IMG_1082 IMG_1117IMG_1208 IMG_1211Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.54.57 PMIMG_1274IMG_1283

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