A Baseball Not-Fan, At the Baseball Game.


Last Wednesday, my coworkers and I happened upon some cheap tickets for a midday baseball game in downtown DC. And that’s how I got to see my first Nationals (Nats) game, in their battle against the Miami Marlins!


Our seats were up pretty high, but had a pretty fantastic view. (And mmm, if you ever do go, think about getting the lemonade they had there. Is $5 too much to pay for a lemonade? Yes. Did I just say “TREAT YO’SELF” and throw all caution to the wind and buy myself one anyways? Yes, I did that too.)





Towards the middle of the game, we all paused and watched the Presidents Race. IMG_0599

Lincoln took home the gold (even though it doesn’t look like that in the photo above!), but the man who truly stole my heart was T.Roosevelt.


MMMmmm, what a man. Look at that nice blue button-up—SO fancy.

I’m sunburnt and hot and full on lemonade and peanuts, but I’m so happy to have had the chance to see my first Nats game. Even though I don’t really care for baseball at all—and honestly, I can’t even tell you who won.

Let’s be real here; we don’t go to baseball games to watch the SUPERIOR ATHLETICISM. We go because we’re spending time with friends outside without making any effort, and we’re eating tasty snacks and we’re doing the wave.

Maybe it’s not that baseball is all-American; maybe it’s the act of watching a baseball game (and eating all the food you possibly can) that truly is the all-American pastime.

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