Still Living Like a D.C. Tourist

Like I’ve mentioned a few times now, it’s SPRING in D.C.

And you know what that means?


For those of you who don’t know, the Cherry Blossoms are the Nation’s Capital’s biggest tourist trap. Right along the tidal basin in D.C., near all the monuments and the National Mall, rest hundreds of cherry trees, gifted to the U.S. by Japan. And each spring, these cherry trees bloom spectacularly, and every single tourist in D.C. loses their freaking mind.

This year, I got to play tourist in my own town (whoa, it’s my own town now!), and went down to the tidal basin after work with Bobby and Miriam. And man, despite the crowds, it was phenomenal.

Don’t let these images fool you; tourists were like gnats.

Looking up.


The Jefferson Memorial has never looked better.


And lucky for us, we managed to catch the blooms just as the sun was setting. Which led to some incredible footage:


And a fuzzy Jefferson Memorial, in the background of some very pink cherry blossoms.

IMG_0464As a D.C. resident, I know I’m really supposed to loathe tourists (and believe me, I often do).

But today, in the 70-degree sunshine and the falling petals and the mad dash across the highway to get to the tidal basin, I still felt like a tourist.

And you know what? That was okay with me. I’m not too used to D.C. that I’ve become immune to the excitement of the presidential motorcade. I still feel amazed by public transportation. I’m still thrilled by the wonderful woman who plays the trumpet for spare change at the metro stop in the mornings.

Now you won’t be watching me ride a segway or anything, but I’m pretty glad to be here just the same.

D.C., you’re all right.


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